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Moving in Chicago: Best Cities to Move to in Chicago

hicago is the country’s third-largest city, with a population of nearly three million, so it goes without saying that relocating in Chicago can be an overwhelming experience.

If you are thinking of moving in Chicago, then it is important to choose an area that will best suit your specific wants and needs.

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We have compiled a list of the best places to live in Chicago to help you get started on your search. Here are 20 of our favorite spots in The Windy City.

1. Lincoln Park

Population: 68,697

Median Home Price: $555,000

Lincoln Park is one of the best neighborhoods in Chicago, stretching about 3 miles long. From Lincoln Park, it is only a two-mile walk to the famous Magnificent Mile. This allows you to stay close to the action without experiencing tourists 24/7.

Lincoln Park is home to the famous park of the same name, where numerous events are held every year. You will never run out of things to do in Lincoln Park. There is the world-renowned Lincoln Park Zoo, North Avenue Beach, and Chicago’s only 3-star Michelin restaurant, Alinea.

2. Greektown

Population: 1,613

Median Home Price: $552,000

If you want to immerse yourself in Greek culture, then Greektown is for you. Greektown is home to a very tight-knit community and celebrates its low crime rate.

A smaller section of the West Loop, Greektown is home to some of the best food in Chicago. You can also immerse yourself in the culture and check out the National Hellenic Museum.

3. Bucktown

Population: 28,388

Median Home Price: $692,000

Bucktown is one of the trendiest places in all of Chicago. It is a quieter neighborhood due to its many low-rise buildings and single-family homes. Don’t let this quiet atmosphere fool you, though.

Bucktown is a great place for vintage shopping, quick coffee breaks, and just walking around to admire the many street murals.

Bucktown is home to smaller houses and apartments, but don’t let that stop you from moving here. If you need a place to store your extra belongings, then check out our off-site storage options.

4. West Loop

Population: 35,215

Median Home Price: $447,000

The West Loop is one of the best towns in Chicago, known for its busy atmosphere. So, if you like the hustle and bustle of city life, then this is the spot for you. The population of West Loop is only growing by the day.

West Loop is home to the famous Fulton District Market, which contains various shops, eateries, and designers. If you love sports, you are also just a short walk from catching a Chicago Bulls or Chicago Blackhawks game.

5. River North

Population: 37,832

Median Home Price: 469,000

River North, previously home to most of Chicago’s factories, is now a place that many call home. This area includes mostly young adults, and most people choose to rent.

River North is home to some of the best art galleries in the United States. These galleries are accompanied by countless bars, restaurants, and clubs to keep their residents entertained.

6. Wicker Park

Population: 23,783

Median Home Price: $511,000

Bordering Bucktown, Wicker Park is the hipster neighborhood of Chicago. Wicker Park is a popular choice among families due to its proximity to many private and public elementary, middle, and high schools.

Although it is similar to Bucktown, Wicker Park tends to offer more options when it comes to both shopping and dining. Milwaukee Avenue runs right through the center of Wicker Park and is home to some of Chicago’s best shops and cafes. This street draws in thousands of tourists every year.

Many of the houses are older, and residents of Wicker Park are known for renovating them. If you want to move to Wicker Park and renovate your home, we can help you out with a temporary on-site storage container.

7. Streeterville

Population: 27,179

Median Home Price: $460,000

If you are relocating in Chicago, then you need to check out Streeterville. Located right between the Magnificent Mile and Lake Michigan, Streeterville is one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in Chicago.

Streeterville is home to many college students as it is a short walk from the Northwestern University Downtown Campus. It is also home to many important medical buildings, such as the Northwestern Hospital and Lurie Children’s.

This is one of the best cities in Chicago for walking around. It is only a short walk from the famous Navy Pier, which bustles with energy in the summertime.

8. Lake View

Population: 92,594

Median Home Price: $397,000

If you enjoy a good view, then Lake View is the place to be. Located right on the lake, millions of people visit this area each year. Lake View is an incredibly diverse neighborhood, home to many different types of cuisine.

Lake View is also a walker’s paradise. Most of the residents in this area choose to take the scenic walk to get groceries, pick up a coffee, or catch the train.

9. Gold Coast

Population: 17,448

Median Home Price: $525,000

Gold Coast is one of the priciest neighborhoods in Chicago, and for good reason. Gold Coast is home to the Magnificent Mile, which contains many incredible luxury stores that you can get lost in for hours.

Residents in this area are close to everything, as you can’t get any closer to the city center than Gold Coast. So, you’ll pay a little extra, but you will never run out of things to do. If you want to offset this cost and save some money on moving, then check out our moving services.

10. Lincoln Square

Population: 42,103

Median Home Price: $316,000

If you prefer to stay away from the chaos of downtown Chicago, then Lincoln Square may be a good option for you. Lincoln Square, which is a 40-minute train ride from downtown, is a quieter area that attracts many families and retirees.

Lincoln Square is not big on nightlife, but it thrives when it comes to morning life. This neighborhood is home to many incredible brunch spots, such as Pastores Brunch and Luella’s Southern Kitchen.

11. Andersonville

Population: 7,295

Median Home Price: $475,000

In a recent poll, Andersonville was voted the second-best neighborhood in the world. Located on the north side of Chicago, Andersonville is a beautiful area founded by Swedish immigrants. The neighborhood is still called home by many Swedes.

Andersonville is a welcoming and diverse area and has a huge LGBTQ+ bar and club scene. This neighborhood is another favorite for people who want to stay away from the downtown scene, as it is a 30-minute train ride from the city center.

12. Uptown

Population: 58,979

Median Home Price: $303,000

Uptown is another city that sits on the outskirts of downtown Chicago. It is home to many beautiful parks that make you feel like you aren’t living in the country’s third most populated city. Uptown is close enough to the city that it is not a hassle to get there, but is still far enough away that you get some peace and quiet.

Uptown is known for its popular spots, such as Montrose Beach and Cricket Hill. Uptown is a typically quiet area, but you can often catch an evening show at the historic Rivera Theater or grab a drink at the Green Mill Cocktail Lounge.

13. Pilsen

Population: 35,434

Median Home Price: $450,000

Pilsen was ranked on Time Out’s “Top 10 Coolest Neighborhoods List” many times. Named for a town in Czechoslovakia, Pilsen is home to many Spanish-Americans and is therefore filled with culture, cuisine, and interesting people.

Pilsen is a hidden gem of Chicago, containing many cute vintage shops, family-owned businesses, and fun bodegas. Located only 4 miles from downtown, Pilsen brings a small-town feel to a big city.

14. Edison Park

Population: 13,358

Median Home Price: $415,000

Edison Park is a popular choice among families, with 20% of its population being children under the age of 18. This is due to the many schooling options the area has to offer.

Edison Park is home to many first-responders, nurses, and doctors. With the amount of law enforcement workers calling Edison Park their home, it’s no wonder the crime rate is so low. This area is also known for its theater scene and ethnic cuisine.

15. Beverly

Population: 19,791

Median Home Price: $494,000

If you want a small-town vibe, then Beverly could be an option for you to consider. Beverly is known for being extremely safe and is, therefore, a popular choice for families. This neighborhood is known for its higher home prices, but the homes generally offer more square footage.

Beverly is home to unique architecture, with many Gothic-style homes and buildings. If you love architecture like this, then you may enjoy the dozens of Frank Lloyd Wright houses that are in this area.

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16. North Center

Population: 35,543

Median Home Price: $575,000

Like Beverly, North Center is another area where you will get more square footage for your money. Most of the homes in this area are traditional European-style family homes. Home to six elementary schools and countless parks, this area is a hotspot for young families.

While this area is often frequented by children, it also offers a relaxed nightlife and is home to many family-owned bars, pubs, and restaurants that are favorites among the locals.

17. Bridgeport

Population: 34,540

Median Home Price: $489,000

Because the neighborhood of Bridgeport is located in the notorious South Side of Chicago, many people tend to stay away. Bridgeport, however, is safer than many neighborhoods in the United States.

Bridgeport is one of the most diverse neighborhoods in all of Chicago. It is home to many people of Irish, Italian, Polish, Lithuanian, Chinese, and Mexican descent. With all of these cultures calling Bridgeport home, it is no surprise that there are dozens of incredible restaurants in the neighborhood.

18. South Shore

Population: 52,454

Median Home Price: $109,000

If you love breathtaking views and the beach, then South Shore is where you’ll want to be. South Shore is located along one of the city’s biggest beaches. South Shore is a lively neighborhood, with many options for dining, dancing, and drinking.

South Shore is a great place to experience culture. It is home to the Bronzeville Children’s Museum, the only African-American children’s museum in the country. You can also check out the South Shore Cultural Center and the South Shore Opera (which is where the Obamas held their wedding reception).

19. Logan Square

Population: 59,034

Median Home Price: $505,000

Logan Square is a popular choice among young professionals, with its residents being of a median age of 31.7. Logan Square is close to the city center, but is a bit quieter than other more lively neighborhoods.

This area is known for its various attractions, such as its weekly farmers’ market and its various thrift shops. Logan Square is also home to top-rated public and private schools. This, along with its parks and safe atmosphere, makes it a popular spot for families.

20. Oak Park

Population: 52,233

Median Home Price: $365,000

Only a 5-minute train ride from downtown, Oak Park is one of Chicago’s most popular neighborhoods. This area is known for its bustling nightlife, dedicated fitness scene, and incredible cuisine.

The area contains many outdoor parks and attractions, such as the Oak Park Conservatory. Oak Park is popular among the younger crowd as it is home to dozens of breweries and live music venues. You can usually find something happening every night in Oak Park.

Moving in Chicago? Consider One of These Areas

So, if you are moving in Chicago but aren’t sure where to go, then one of these areas is sure to be a great place to call home.

Chicago is a beautiful city full of endless opportunities and activities. If you are ready to make your move, then feel free to contact us for all of your moving and storage needs.

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