Portable Storage Units Available in Greater Chicago

Measuring 8 feet wide, 8 feet high, and 16 feet long, our standard 16ft container provides 900 cubic feet of capacity. The container is capable of holding 10,000 lbs ensuring you will most likely fill up the space before you come close to exceeding the weight limit. Additionally, the footprint of our 16ft container conveniently fits within a single parking space, making ground level loading a breeze and without interfering with your normal day to day activities when stored on-site.

Designed to weather anything Mother Nature can possibly throw at it, these containers can survive winds up to 120 mph, snow loads up to 60 pounds per square foot, and driving rains from the worst of storms. The containers utilize weatherproof vents to maximize air flow and to help reduce heat and humidity. An anti-condensate coating on the ceiling prevents the formation of condensation, resulting in a weatherproof container that can safely store your belongings for extended periods of time.

The non-slip, sealed floor is made up of a marine grade plywood providing a clean, durable surface on which to store your belongings. Additionally, there are numerous tie-down points inside to help you secure items when transporting.

The lockable door handle is designed to accommodate most large pad locks and disc locks giving you the peace of mind that your contents are safe. Don’t have a lock? Ask our Customer Service Representative about purchasing one today!

Our 16ft container is extremely versatile in how it can be used. Below are just some of the potential applications.

Residential Moving & Storage: This container is ideal for moving and storage, typically holding 3 bedrooms worth of belongings.
Residential Remodeling: Used for on-site storage during residential remodeling or remediation.
Professional Worksites: Used to securely store tools, equipment, and materials at a job site.
Retailers: Used to store excess inventory during peak seasons.
Industrial: Used to store finished goods inventory for large orders, raw materials, tools, and equipment.
Non-Profit Organizations: Used for storing and transporting donations during fundraisers or charity drives.
Municipalities: Used for storing equipment, tools, or supplies during special events like fairs, parades, and festivals.


Product details


    Rated for 60 lbs/sq ft snow load and 120 mph winds to ensure the container remains water, wind, dust, and pest-proof

  2. Door seals

    Waterproof gasketing along top and bottom seams

  3. Lockable door handle

    Designed to accommodate most large pad locks and disk locks to help keep your contents safe

  4. Weatherproof vents

    Help reduce heat, humidity, and prevent condensation from forming during storage

  5. Interior tie-downs

    Tracks and rings for numerous tie-down locations and configurations

  6. Interior flooring

    Non-slip, sealed marine grade plywood for a clean storage surface


Exterior: 194” L x 96” W x 96” H
Interior: 189” L x 90” W x 91” H
Door Opening: 68” W x 91” H


Max Cargo Weight: 10,000 lbs

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