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The Benefits of Using Mobile Storage Units

When most people think about storage units, they imagine a big, metal building filled with boxes and furniture. While this is one type of storage unit, it’s not the only option available.

In recent years, mobile storage units have become increasingly popular. These units are stored in a trailer or truck and can be delivered to your home or business when you need them.

So, what are the benefits of using a mobile storage unit? That’s what we will cover in this article and much more.

Whenever you’re ready to move on to the next step of your mobile storage units research, keep reading and prepare your notes.

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The History of Mobile Storage Units

The first mobile storage units were invented in the early 1900s. At that time, they were used mainly by the military to store equipment and supplies. In the 1970s, mobile storage units began to be used commercially.

Nevertheless, they didn’t become popular until the early 2000s, when online storage companies offered them options. Today, mobile storage units are used by businesses and individuals worldwide.

Now they are a popular choice for businesses and homeowners alike. New technologies ensure that your belongings are safe and secure, while features like climate control keep them in good condition.

These storage units are affordable and convenient, making them an excellent option for anyone who needs extra storage space. Besides, they’re perfect for storing large items like furniture, appliances, and even cars.

What Are the Main Uses of a Storage Unit?

Storage units can be used for a variety of purposes. Some people use them to store extra furniture and appliances, while others store business supplies or inventory.

Car collectors often use storage units to keep their vehicles in good condition. And, of course, many people use storage units to store personal items like clothes, books, and photos.

Furthermore, mobile storage units are perfect for storing seasonal items like Christmas decorations and lawn furniture. The team can be stored in a safe, secure location when you’re not using them.

From a professional standpoint, storage units can be used for construction projects. For example, a contractor might use a storage unit to store building materials and tools.

The bottom line is that there are no limits to what you can put in a mobile storage unit (besides those outlined by the provider). If you need extra space, a storage unit is a perfect solution.

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Benefits of Mobile Storage Units

There are many benefits to using a mobile storage unit. The benefits are what makes portable storage units lucrative for businesses and individual people. Keep reading to find out how a mobile storage unit helps you.


You don’t have to go to a self-storage facility with a mobile storage unit. The unit can be delivered right to your door!

The convenience aspect is understated and very underrated. If you’re like us, then the mere thought of packing up our car and driving to a storage facility makes our head hurt. With mobile storage units, I can take care of everything without ever leaving my house.


one can store a mobile storage unit in various places, including on your property or in a parking lot. Furthermore, you can keep it for as long as you need it – there is no minimum or maximum rental period.

Also, they come in different sizes, making them perfect for any storage need. Whether you’re storing a few boxes or an entire house’s worth of furniture, there is a mobile storage unit that will fit your needs.


Units are cost-effective. Mobile storage units are often less expensive than traditional storage units. This is an excellent option if you are looking for a short-term or long-term storage solution.

Scalable pricing means that you only pay for the storage space you need. This makes them perfect for businesses and homeowners who don’t have a lot of extra storage space.


Your belongings will be stored in a secure trailer or truck. Security is critical for our belongings, and mobile storage units offer a high level of protection.

With new technologies like climate control and security cameras, you can ensure that your belongings are safe and sound. Many units also have access control technologies.


If you need to store sensitive items or humidity items, a climate-controlled mobile storage unit is a great option. This is essential for practically all storage units but more critical for long-term use cases. In fact, without climate control, you run the risk of ruining your belongings.

Climate control works by regulating the temperature and humidity levels in the storage unit. This ensures that your belongings are not damaged by extreme temperatures or moisture.


You can access your belongings any time you need them. Being able to use your items on-site is a huge benefit. You don’t have to drive to the storage facility, unload your car, and then load everything back up when you’re done.

Instead, you can walk over to your mobile storage unit and take what you need. This is an excellent option for businesses that need quick and easy access to their supplies.

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Types of Mobile Storage Units

Another essential quality to understand before getting into mobile storage units is the different types of units. There are a variety of portable storage units available, all of which have their benefit. Some of these include but are not limited to:

Trailer Units

These units are stored in a trailer and delivered to your home or business. They are often used for storing expensive or fragile items. The benefit of these units is that they are highly secure.

Trailer units are also significant due to their size. They can accommodate many belongings, making them perfect for businesses or homeowners who need to store a lot of stuff.

Truck Units

These units are stored in the back of a truck and delivered to your home or business. Unlike trailer units, truck units are not as secure. They have minor security, but they are very mobile. However, they are an excellent option for people who need to store many items.

Truck units come in different sizes, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Due to their mobility, truck units can be used to transfer items to and from your home or business.

Portable Units

These units are small and easy to transport. They can be used for short-term storage or as a moving container. Portable units usually entail service from the provider. They will collect and deliver your units where you need them.

Portable units are an excellent option for people who are moving or have a short-term storage need. They are also perfect for businesses that need to store supplies on-site.

When it comes to mobile storage units, the sky is the limit! These units offer many benefits, including cost-effectiveness, security, and climate control. You can find the perfect team for your needs with so many options available.

Climate-controlled units

These units are climate-controlled and can be used to store sensitive items. These units are great for storing art, documents, or other things that need to be kept in a specific climate.

Furthermore, these are also great for live venues and catering companies. They can use these units to store food and other supplies that need to be kept in a specific climate.

Container Units

These units are made of steel and can be used for long-term storage. These are typical units brought to the site and left there for a prior-decided timeframe.

Container units are perfect for people who need to store many belongings for an extended period. They are also great for businesses that have a surplus of inventory. Thus, they are great for construction facilities.

Car Storage Units

Technically, a large enough unit of any of the above will work. However, many providers have dedicated car storage units specifically designed to store cars and other vehicles. These units are designed to keep cars and other vehicles.

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What to Look for When Choosing a Mobile Storage Unit

Choosing your mobile storage unit options is like choosing a new best friend–you have to make sure it’s the right fit. When looking for your perfect portable storage unit, you should consider the following.


Make sure you choose a large unit to store your belongings. This might be the essential feature to look for when selecting a mobile storage unit.

The typical sizes for a storage unit are:

  • Tiny is up to 25 square feet
  • Medium is up to 50 square feet
  • Large is up to 100 square feet


Make sure the unit you choose is secure. This means that it has a locking mechanism and is made of sturdy material. You don’t want your belongings susceptible to theft or damage.

Security is critical to many users of mobile storage units. Many people use these units for storing expensive or fragile items. Thus, one must understand their storage unit’s technological limitations and physical characteristics.


Make sure you choose a provider with a site that is convenient for you. Some providers have a limited number of locations. Others have a wide range of areas that they serve.

You don’t want to go out of your way to store your belongings. Preferably, you want a storage provider that can deliver the unit to your location.

Climate Control

If you are storing sensitive items, make sure the unit has climate control. This will ensure that your items are kept in optimal condition. As stated earlier, this is an important feature to look for when choosing a storage unit for some people.


Make sure the price is fair and within your storage unit budget. Once again, another deciding factor for most people is the price.

Prices can be variable based on the service package you select. In addition, some providers offer package deals that can be cheaper in the long run. Make sure you compare prices before choosing a storage unit.


Ensure the mobile storage company has insurance and that your belongings are insured. This is very important, especially if you are storing expensive or fragile items.

In the event of damage or theft, you want to make sure that your belongings are covered. Ask the mobile storage company about their insurance policy and make sure you understand what is covered.

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Terms of Service

Make sure you understand the terms of service before signing up for a unit. The provider you work with should be transparent about all legal clauses and what is expected of you and them.

Some important things to look for in terms of service are:

  • How long you can keep the unit
  • What happens if you go over the allotted period
  • What kind of late fees will be applied
  • Are there any penalties for early termination
  • Can I store perishable items
  • What is the cancellation policy

Company Reputation

Make sure the mobile storage company has a good reputation. Besides transparency, your provider should be trusted and reputable. You don’t want to get a strange unit from someone you cannot trust.

To find out if the company is reputable, you can do a quick online search or read customer reviews.

Customer Service

Make sure the mobile storage company has excellent customer service. The company should be available to you throughout the process, from choosing a unit to moving your belongings in and out.

If you have any questions or problems along the way, you should get help quickly. Good customer service is essential for any company, especially for dealing with personal belongings.

How to Use a Mobile Storage Unit

Once you have chosen a mobile storage unit, it’s easy to use it. Here are the steps:

  1. Reserve a unit online or by phone
  2. The portable storage company will deliver the team to your home or business
  3. Load your belongings into the unit
  4. Be careful not to overload the team, as this can damage your belongings
  5. Store the team in a safe place until you need it.
  6. The mobile storage company will pick up the team when you don’t need it
  7. Store the team in a safe place until you need it again

By no means is this list exhaustive; it’s just an example of what to expect from the mobile unit usage process.

How to Pack Your Mobile Storage Unit

Packing your mobile storage unit can be tricky, but you can do it quickly and efficiently with these tips.

Start by packing the heaviest items on the bottom of the unit. Pack items tightly together to save space.

Use boxes, crates, and totes to pack your belongings. Label each box or chest with a description of its contents.

Keep essential items like passports and birth certificates in a safe place. Ensure you have enough packing material (e.g., bubble wrap, packing peanuts) to protect your belongings during transporting storage units.

Common Mobile Storage Mistakes

Packing up a mobile storage unit is usually an easy task, but if you don’t know what to look for when packing, then it could get complicated swift. You might think that nothing wrong will happen because of these mistakes everyone makes, but you would be wrong.

You can avoid and correct many of these common errors by taking the time to learn how. If you find yourself ready to load up or scratch your head wondering how to do it right, start by understanding what’s next.

Fill Every Box

When packing your storage unit, ensure that you fill every box to the brim. This will help you save on space and make it more difficult for anyone trying to access your belongings without your knowledge.

Not Enough Packing Material

Overpacking can make transportation difficult and time-consuming. On the other hand, using too much packing material can also be a mistake. If possible, try to use just enough so that each item is well-protected without taking up too much space or weight.

Incorrectly Labeling Boxes

If you fail to label your boxes correctly, not only will it be difficult for you to find what you’re looking for when unpacking but also anyone helping you move or transport your items. Please make sure each box is labeled with at least the room its contents belong in.

Poor Storage Location

If you don’t have a permanent storage solution and are forced to store your unit in an outdoor location, make sure it’s covered and in a safe area. Protect your belongings from thieves, the weather, and pests by taking these precautions.

This can be pretty problematic, as you may end up having to move your belongings multiple times if the weather or other conditions aren’t ideal.

Leaving it All until the Last Minute

Similarly, leaving packing and loading until the last minute can lead to disaster. Not only will it take longer than if everything is well-prepared, but there’s also a higher chance of something going wrong. Plus, who wants to deal with stress in the days leading up to storage?

Not Enough Time

One of the most common mistakes is not giving yourself enough time to pack up and transport your belongings. Start packing as soon as possible to avoid any rushed or sloppy work.

Time is a valuable thing, especially when packing for storage. Take a deep breath, put on some music, and get to work!

Not Planning Ahead

This problem goes in unison with the previous one. Not having enough time to pack is a common issue, but planning can quickly remedy it. Give yourself at least two weeks before your move to start packing up your belongings.

In fact, not having enough time is usually due to not planning your time appropriately.

Leave Room for an Aisle

When packing your storage unit, make sure to leave an aisle in the middle for easy access. This will also make it possible to stack boxes on top of one another without falling over.

You need to access your items, so do not fill up the storage unit to the top. Leave at least 18 inches of space between the top of your belongings and the ceiling.

Don’t Store Wet Items.

If you’re not able to dry your items before putting them in storage, it’s best not to store them at all. Mold and mildew can form quickly and cause irreparable damage to your belongings.

Most mobile storage companies will not transport or store any wet items. You might be held liable for any damage due to water.

Keep Records of Items

It’s always a good idea to keep records of your belongings, just if something happens while they’re in storage. Take pictures or videos of each item and maintain an inventory list for your reference. This way, you’ll know exactly what was stored and where it is if anything goes missing.

These are just a few examples of the types of things you should avoid when using mobile storage units. By following these guidelines, you can make the process much smoother and less stressful.

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Mobile Storage Done Right

Don’t just go with the first company you find when it comes to mobile storage. Do your research and make sure you are working with a reputable provider with excellent customer service. By following the advice in this article, you can ensure that your mobile storage units experience is a positive one.

If you’re interested in working with a reputable and successful mobile storage provider, get in touch with us, and we will accommodate your pressing needs.

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