Commercial Storage

Commercial Storage

Are you looking for commercial storage solutions in the Greater Chicago area? Contact Mobile Storage Solutions to learn about our services.

Commercial Storage Services

Mobile Storage Solutions specializes in providing short- and long-term portable storage units to commercial customers. These storage units can be used for a range of purposes. Serving the greater Chicago area, we offer a more convenient and affordable way to store your office supplies, construction materials, retail inventory, or other professional equipment.

Our commercial storage solutions are perfect for:

  • Restoration companies that need storage during repair work.
  • Construction companies and contractors that need storage for tools, equipment, and materials at the job site.
  • Home improvement stores that need storage for extra inventory during peak seasons.
  • Other businesses, municipalities, and non-profits that need storage due to their specific needs.

Our portable storage units allow businesses to keep critical tools, supplies, or inventory immediately at hand. You can rest assured that your contents will always remain safe and secure inside our storage units.

Commercial Storage

We pride ourselves on our ability to meet last minute requests. We can relocate a storage unit quickly and efficiently often times either the same day or next day. This ensures a smooth transition of work between job sites and helps in situation such as urgent deliveries and when customers request more units than expected.

The rental process is simple. We deliver a portable storage unit to your business or job site. You load the unit at your convenience.

The mobile storage unit can be transported to our climate-controlled facility or left at your site. When you no longer need the storage container, call us to arrange for pickup of the empty unit.

You can depend on Mobile Storage Solutions for:

  • Convenient local commercial storage solutions and moving container services
  • Easy loading and unloading
  • Access to indoor and outdoor storage
  • Best-in-class customer service
  • A lower total cost

Are you looking for commercial storage solutions in the Greater Chicago area? Contact Mobile Storage Solutions to learn about our services.

10 Reasons Commercial Clients Choose Us Over the Competition

  1. Our portable storage units provide the best protection for your expensive equipment, tools, materials, and inventory.
  2. On-site loading of the portable storage unit is simple and convenient. These units fit inside the footprint of a parking space and ground-level loading means no awkward lifting.
  3. Our storage container rental can scale with your business needs. You can either have more commercial storage units delivered or have empty units picked up when they are no longer required.
  4. Our off-site storage is secure in our climate-controlled warehouse with easy access to your belongings.
  5. We pride ourselves on responding quickly to our customer’s needs. This includes urgent deliveries and additional units.
  6. We have best-in-class customer service representatives and dedicated account managers who are knowledgeable and responsive.
  7. Our monthly rental rates are significantly less expensive than those of our competitors.
  8. There are never any hidden fees or surprises. We charge a one-time delivery fee. You won’t be charged every time we touch your container.
  9. We offer insurance for both the contents in the storage container and for the storage container itself.
  10. Being locally owned and operated, we are one of the best portable storage solutions in Illinois

We’re thrilled to help our commercial clients who need long- or short-term commercial storage solutions! Mobile Storage Solutions is dedicated to customizing an affordable and convenient portable storage solution that perfectly fits your business needs.

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