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Benefits of Using Shipping Containers from Mobile Storage Solutions

We’ve all seen them – but have you ever considered just how helpful a shipping container can be?

Beyond just sitting in storage compounds and holding cargo, these units can provide a variety of useful functions. They’re good to have in both residential and commercial environments – but only if you have the right type of container and the right company supplying it.
Our shipping containers function much more like mobile storage units, providing a level of versatility in terms of transport, and higher quality than you’ll find in other common alternatives.

What’s more, we here at Mobile Storage Solutions are committed to excellence in both the quality of our units and the level of customer service we provide.

It’s why we’ve got great reviews – and why we’re eager to send one of our containers your way.

What Sets Our Portable Storage Units Apart?

Our shipping containers aren’t like the bland metal boxes you see sitting on the sides of worksites or being pulled along train tracks.

Whereas these old-school units are bulky and only possible to move by rail or sea, our units are built to be easily transported. Not only does their design work with our integrated delivery system, but it’s also built to protect all contents while still providing plenty of space.

In short, it’s the best of both worlds. You’ll get a unit that is easy to store cargo in and can support your operations, while also enjoying a convenient transport option.

A Seamless Process That’s Just as Convenient

We believe that being able to transport your container is an important service that compliments our product. It’s why we strive to provide a straightforward process that creates a great experience whether you’re using your mobile storage unit for residential or commercial purposes.

The process goes like this:

  • Receive the Unit: We deliver the unit to your location in a contactless manner – no need to worry about renting your own vehicle or even having to be there to meet our driver.
  • Pack the Unit: Thanks to convenient ground-level loading, you can begin packing up your container in no time. Use it for storage or set it up to support standalone operations.
  • Store the Unit: Sometimes you may want to store the unit on your property. If you don’t, we offer both short-term and long-term storage options at our secure warehouse.
  • Return the Unit: When you’ve emptied out your unit and are ready to return it, we’ll pick it up and bring it back so you don’t have to worry about transport.

We make it easy to use the unit anywhere you choose and for as long as you need. It’s this level of versatility that makes our shipping containers such a valuable resource for anyone.

The Many Uses for Shipping Containers

What’s got you interested in a mobile storage solution like the ones we offer? Whether you’re a homeowner who’s doing some cleaning or a business owner who’s making some upgrades, our containers have the space to support your needs.

Residential Uses to Improve Your Home

A person’s home is their castle, and this means they likely want everything set in order. But sometimes events happen that can disrupt this tranquility. It pays to have a place to store belongings in the interim when these events go on – it allows you to keep your residence clean and safe no matter what’s happening around you.

Maybe you’re moving someone in or out. No one likes to have belongings like boxes and furniture crowding up their living room or hallways. Storage solutions function as a room that can be used in the interim – and as a bonus, it’s easy to transport the cargo to the new location.

Even though it’s winter, some people are already planning ahead for spring cleaning. Storage units provide some space to store belongings safely so you can scrub those corners and hidden surfaces that often go untouched.

Some people use their storage shed, garage, or spare room as a storage solution of sorts – but this can lead to it becoming overloaded quickly. It can also make it hard to find what you need, and puts these areas off limits to their normal functions. By moving your items into a storage solution, you can free up the garage for another car or free up the spare room for when guests come over.

Commercial Uses That Support Your Home

Every place of business needs to be efficiently organized. Smart setups help spark productivity, improve safety, and keep the team engaged. Storage containers can provide the space you need in many common commercial scenarios that would otherwise lead to things getting messy.

Remodeling efforts can help a business improve its look, gain new space for scaling up, or even usher in a complete brand makeover. Mobile storage solutions allow items to be stored away, either on company grounds or at our facility, while the renovations are underway.

Every business needs to clean up every now and then. Clearing out old items like outdated hardware, accumulated trash, and furniture you no longer need may just free up a lot of space. Storage containers provide a place for these items to be gathered so they can be sold, donated, or disposed of.
Sometimes a worksite needs a small enclosure to set up an office, security room, or break area. Containers can be outfitted to create the precise environment your facility is looking for.

Why We’re the #1 Source for Shipping Containers

Our containers bring qualities you won’t find anywhere else. Built for 60 lbs. of snow and 120 mph winds, they’re highly durable. They also feature weatherproof vents to control humidity. The doors are designed to work with most common locks and feature waterproof seals. There are even non-slip floors and tie-downs inside for your convenience.

We also provide the type of service you won’t find from competitors. Our locally owned and operated company offers affordable monthly rates with no hidden fees, and only a single delivery fee at the end of your rental.
You can count on us to giving you both the best shipping container solution you’ve ever used and a customer service experience that will have you wanting to work with us again. To get in touch, click here to get your free quote or give us a call.

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