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Mobile Storage Solutions Shipping Containers for rent in the Chicago area

Benefits of Using Shipping Containers from Mobile Storage Solutions

Have you ever realized the true potential of shipping containers?

We strive for excellence in delivering top-quality moving containers along with exceptional customer service.

Our reviews are proof of the quality of our services and our products.

Mobile Storage Solutions mobile Shipping Containers Available for Rent

Chicago Portable Shipping Units for Rent

Our shipping containers aren’t like the dreary metal boxes you see sitting on worksites or being hauled along train tracks.

With Mobile Storage Solutions, you get the ultimate convenience of a portable container for all your storage needs. It’s the perfect solution to store your cargo while keeping it easily accessible. This exciting option allows you to streamline your operations and transport your goods with ease.

Portable Shipping Units Provide A Seamless Process

Our step-by-step process provides you with the ultimate convenience of a portable container for all your storage needs. It’s the perfect solution to store your belongings while keeping them easily accessible.

We strive to provide a straightforward process that creates a great storage container rental experience whether you’re using residential or commercial mobile storage solutions.

Step-by-Step Process

You Receive the Unit: We deliver the portable storage unit to your location. There is no need to rent your own vehicle or be there to meet our driver.

You Pack the Unit: Thanks to convenient ground-level loading, you can begin packing up your container in no time. Use it for storage or set it up to support standalone operations.

We make renting a storage container easy: It doesn’t matter if you are using it for residential or commercial use. Our goal is to create an enjoyable experience.

Return the Unit: When you’ve emptied your unit and are ready to return it, we’ll pick it up so you don’t have to worry about transport.

We make it easy to have your portable storage unit anywhere you choose and for as long as you need. It’s this level of versatility that makes our shipping containers such a valuable resource for anyone.

Why Rent Shipping Containers

Why do you need a mobile storage solution? Whether you’re a homeowner who’s doing some cleaning or a business owner who’s making some upgrades, our containers have the space to support your needs.

Residential Uses to Improve Your Home

Your home is your castle, and you want it to be clean and orderly, but unexpected events can be disruptive. A storage container rental helps you to keep your home neat and organized no matter what life throws at you.

Commercial Uses That Support Your Business

Every place of business needs to be efficiently organized. Efficient setups help spark productivity, improve safety, and keep your team engaged. Mobile storage units can provide you with a commercial storage solution that will keep your space clutter free.

Why We’re the #1 Source for Shipping Containers in Chicago

Our durable, high-quality storage and moving containers can withstand 60 lbs.of snow and 120 mph winds. They feature weatherproof vents to control humidity, and the doors have waterproof seals and are designed to work with most common locks. For added safety and convenience, mobile storage rentals feature non-slip floors and interior tie-downs.

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