Storage Services in Elk Grove IL 

Mobile Storage Solutions specializes in storage and moving for residential and commercial clients throughout Elk Grove, IL. Whether you’re moving or remodeling and need somewhere to store your belongings, we offer a more convenient and affordable solution. 

We proudly serve the Greater Chicago area including Elk Grove, a village home to 33,000 and located just 20 miles from the windy city. So-named for the native elk that roamed its forests and grasslands, Elk Grove Village was settled in 1834 and boasts the Ned Brown Preserve great for hiking, biking, and running. 

We know you may be looking for storage solutions in Elk Grove. That’s why you should lean on us for help with the following services.

Residential Services

We deliver a portable storage unit to your home. You load the unit at your own pace. Depending on your needs, you can either keep the container at your home or have us bring it back to our secure warehouse for storage. When you are ready, just unload your belongings and we’ll pick up the empty unit. It’s that easy!

We can help if you need:

  • Long-term storage due to limited space in your home.
  • Short-term storage due to home remodeling or repairs.
  • Short-term storage due to selling a house.

Commercial Services

Mobile Storage Solutions offers commercial storage services for:

  • Restoration companies with clients that need storage during repair work.
  • Construction companies and contractors that need storage for tools, equipment, and materials at the job site.
  • Home improvement stores that need storage for extra inventory during peak seasons.
  • Other commercial businesses, municipalities, and non-profits that need storage due to their specific needs.

Our portable storage units allow businesses to keep critical tools, supplies, or inventory immediately at hand. We can also relocate a storage unit from one job site to another ensuring a smooth transition of work while always keeping your contents safe and secure.

Storage Services

Whether you need temporary storage on site for a short period or you want us to take your filled unit off your hands and bring it off site, we can accommodate you. Here’s a look at the two main storage options we offer in Elk Grove:

  • On-site storage: We will deliver a portable storage unit to your location and you load the unit at your convenience. When done with the unit, just unload your belongings and notify us for pickup.
  • Off-site storage: We will deliver a portable storage unit to your location and you load the unit at your convenience. When done, we will pick up your filled storage unit and take it back to our secure facility. Don’t worry, if you need access to your belongings at any point, call us and we will make sure your unit is accessible. When you want your items back, we’ll deliver your filled storage unit back to your location. When done unloading and you have an empty unit, arrange for final pick up.

Moving Services

When faced with a local residential or commercial move, our portable storage units are the perfect solution that’s convenient, lower stress, and affordable. You load and unload the storage unit at your own pace.  We handle the driving for you and deliver the storage unit to your new address.  By avoiding the need for expensive movers or rental trucks, saving money has never been easier!

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