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5 Reasons You Need On-Site Storage

The most common reason for using on-site storage is for renovations. On-site storage involves placing a portable storage container in your driveway. You then load the container at your convenience. The container remains on your site until you unload the contents back into your home, then the empty container is then picked up by drivers.

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The alternative to that is off-site storage where you fill the container, a driver picks it up and brings it back to a secure location for either short-term or long-term storage. You would choose that option if you don’t need the items every day. It’s similar to a self-storage facility where you can get access to the items if you need to, but in general, it’s not for everyday use.

With on-site storage, you leave the container where it is and have it picked up when you no longer need it.

There are a few reasons why this would be beneficial to you.

1.    You’re Renovating Your Home

When you are tackling a home improvement project, you usually still need all the items but you don’t have the space to store them while all the work is going on. That’s where an on-site container would come in handy. Let’s say you’re gutting your kitchen and having a contractor renovate the entire room. You will need to remove the refrigerator and other appliances, cabinetry (if you’re keeping it) tables and chairs, etc.

You can’t just put those large items into another room. After all, you have to have space to live! You can simply move that stuff out of the house, put it in the container, complete the renovation, then move it all back to its proper location.

2.    You’re Replacing Your Floors

If you’ve decided to install new hardwood floors in your home, there can be nothing on the floors when the contractors come to rip out of the old and put in the new. All your furniture has to go somewhere! With the average flooring install job taking at least five days, you don’t necessarily need your furniture to be placed off site. You just need it out of the way while the floors are being done. This is the ideal situation for renting on-site storage.

When the floors are done and it’s safe to add your furniture again, just unload it all, and request that the empty unit be picked up.

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3.    You Need Equipment Storage

If you own a commercial business, such as a construction site or seasonal business and you don’t have the room inside the main building to store overflow machinery and equipment, an on-site storage container would be ideal. Because you still need daily access to the equipment, you don’t want to have the unit driven to an off-site facility. Having your items on site presents a great convenience to you as a business owner.

In the case of a pop-up business or seasonal business, you would only need such storage for a short period of time – yet another advantage of the short-term onsite rental.

4.    You’re Staging a Home for Sale

If you are putting your house on the market, your real estate agent will likely suggest you have the home staged for showings and open houses. This often involves de-cluttering the space of extra furnishings and personal belongings such as framed photographs. Since prospective buyers will likely be opening closets and looking in all nooks and crannies, you really can’t throw extra stuff in those places to hide it from view.

A discreet on-site storage container can keep all those large and personal items away from the view of potential buyers.

5.    Your College Student is Home For the Summer

It’s summer and that means your college kid is home, along with all his furniture, bedding, small appliances and more. If you don’t have the extra room inside the home, you have to put it all somewhere, but you want it close by for when the start of school rolls around. An on-site container can store all his belongings safely before he heads back off next semester.

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