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Why Construction Companies in Chicago are Using Storage Units

Construction companies in Chicago rely heavily on the products of other businesses during their projects. Everything needs to be managed and stored carefully, from tools and materials to heavy machinery, to be available quickly when needed.

As the construction industry continues to grow, companies are using mobile storage units in Chicago to help manage their materials and equipment. In fact, many Windy City companies are also turning to storage units as a way to save money and keep their operations running smoothly.

Storage units provide a safe solution for these construction companies; they are secure, convenient, and, best of all, economical. Not only do they free up extra space on the construction site, but they also allow easy access to any essentials needed at a moment’s notice. This gives construction companies the best of both worlds for many projects.

So, if you’re looking for a way to streamline your construction operation, storage units may be the solution you’ve been searching for. Let’s dive deeper into mobile storage units and why they are essential for Chicago construction projects.

1. Chicago’s construction industry is booming.

Chicago is experiencing a surge of growth in its construction industry. This booming industry has led to various new projects within the city limits, offering unique solutions to Chicago’s storage needs and creating a multitude of employment opportunities for local residents.

The impressive feats in Chicago’s construction sector demonstrate a growing commitment to finding innovative ways to meet the increasing demands for utilities, commercial operations, and housing in the city. Construction management teams often struggle to find adequate and cost-effective storage space for construction materials and equipment as they work to meet these massive demands. This issue is further compounded by the many construction sites now in operation and the limited availability of traditional offsite storage locations.

As a result, construction companies are getting creative with their commercial storage solutions by going mobile. Innovative mobile storage units have become invaluable to construction businesses of all sizes. They provide a convenient place to store crucial, expensive construction equipment without having to compete for offsite space.

2. Mobile storage units are cost-effective and convenient.

With offsite and onsite options, storage units provide an accessible and secure location for construction resources at a great value compared to other storage solutions, like third-party warehouses.

Most notably, storage units offer a high degree of flexibility when compared to other options. With quick onsite delivery, construction teams can quickly expand their space as needed to accommodate more oversized items such as heavy machinery or downsize if the situation calls for it.

Mobile storage also means round-the-clock access to your equipment. Contractors no longer need to commute back and forth to separate storage units if they choose a mobile solution. This means construction companies can keep their materials and equipment secure while having it ready at a moment’s notice should the need arise.

Additionally, mobile storage units in Chicago offer an added layer of convenience as they can be delivered directly to the job site or moved from one location to another whenever needed. This reduces downtime and enables construction crews to finish their work faster with fewer delays due to a lack of resources or inadequate transportation. It also ensures minimal disruption when moving equipment from one location to another, as there is no need to find new storage options.

3. Mobile storage units keep construction sites safe.

With Chicago’s busy streets and high-traffic areas, crime is a big concern for construction sites. Some of the most common thefts on construction sites include lumber, tools, and even heavy machinery. Chicago construction companies can use mobile storage units to safely store away their expensive equipment without hassle.

Mobile storage solutions help keep employees safe, too. Chicago construction firms can reduce the risk of injury due to workers tripping over loose items or not having access to necessary materials be ensuring that all loose items and potentially necessary materials are stored on-site in mobile storage units.

Additionally, employers can ensure that tools and materials are always organized and easily accessible. This increases productivity and minimizes the risk of accidents, resulting in a safer work environment for employees and better workplace efficiency.

Keeping these items organized within mobile storage units also eliminates any accidental misuse or transfer of hazardous materials, like dust and mineral fibers. Hazardous materials could create serious long-term health issues for workers, so they’re best kept safe and organized in mobile storage.

4. Mobile storage solutions offer unique perks.

Properly storing construction equipment helps ensure they remain in good condition and are available when needed. For example, mobile storage provides inexpensive climate control. Storage units protect equipment from damage caused by hot or cold temperatures, and fluctuating temperatures can cause serious issues if left unchecked.

For example, Chicago’s brutally cold winters can quickly freeze a can of paint if it is left out in the open. Storage units can also protect equipment from rain, snow, frost, and wind — all of which can cause severe compounding damage to expensive equipment.

Mobile storage units can also help Chicago construction sites to strictly comply with health and safety regulations. With mobile storage, contractors can easily store their materials and tools on the job site without breaking local laws, codes, and regulations.

Another notable perk of mobile storage is access to a facility for offsite storage. Not every construction site is equipped with enough space for a mobile storage unit. Instead, many contractors choose to pack a mobile storage unit onsite, then send it off to a secure facility. That way, contractors can move back and forth between their construction site and storage unit as they see fit.

With warehouses now becoming commonplace among many construction firms, both small and large projects run more smoothly than ever before. If you’re a construction company in Chicago, Mobile Storage Solutions is the perfect place to store your materials and equipment. We offer convenient and cost-effective storage units that are safe and secure. Call us today and get a quote.

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