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5 Benefits of Portable Storage


Top 5 Benefits Of Portable Storage

Interested in learning about the benefits of portable storage units? Mobile Storage Solutions gives you 5 benefits!

Without breaking the bank, portable storage can provide you with a secure location to store your supplies, extra products, and equipment. Portable storage offers a variety of benefits to consumers in all kinds of businesses, from storing retail goods to personal possessions. So, whether you’re a corporation that needs to send goods internationally or a homeowner who doesn’t want to pay for extra storage space, here are some of the benefits that portable storage can provide for you:

1. Versatility

With portable storage, you have the option of storing your unit on-site if the situation arises. This is beneficial for building companies that require additional space for equipment and materials while working on a project, or for homeowners who have had their homes damaged by a storm and require a safe location to store their goods while repairs are completed.

2. Convenience

Portable storage containers, unlike normal storage units, are delivered to where goods will be loaded. You have the option to pack up your portable storage container immediately from your intended destination, whether it’s a house, condo, university dorm, construction site, or any other location.

3. Cost-Effective

Portable storage containers perform the same key services at a fraction of the cost of buying or leasing warehouse space. They are significantly less expensive than constructing a storage shed or even erecting a prefabricated building on your premises.

4. Ease of Transport

Having your portable storage unit delivered to your premises eliminates the hassle of trying to find a moving truck and then offloading at the storage facility. With portable storage, your loaded unit is hauled and delivered to the storage location just as you packed it.

5. Prevents Damage

Mobile storage units are frequently composed of high-quality steel that is sturdy, ensuring that your belongings are not damaged during moving. Most mobile storage units are also waterproof, so your items won’t be harmed by heavy rain, strong winds, or humidity.

Features of a Portable Storage Unit

  • Waterproof gasketing along top and bottom seams
  • Weatherproof vents to reduce heat, humidity, and prevent condensation during storage
  • Lockable door handle to keep your items safe and secure from burglary attempts
  • Sealed, non-slip interior flooring that’s easy to clean
  • Convenient tracks and rings for numerous tie-down locations and configurations
  • Maximum cargo weight of the portable storage unit is 10,000 lbs

Would you like to acquire a portable storage container in Chicago or the surrounding areas? To learn more about purchasing or renting one of our new or used storage containers, give us a call today. On our website, you can also learn more about how portable storage containers may help you optimize your operations and keep your supplies and equipment safe.


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