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Unlock the Power of Portable Storage for Your Business

The Power of Portable Storage

The first thing that comes to mind when you’re considering portable storage is residential storage. Families and individuals use portable storage units for everything from remodeling to moving to decluttering. Wherever there is a need for extra space, a mobile storage unit can be the solution.

Nonetheless, portable storage can be a lifesaver for your unique business needs. Whether you need extra room for retail inventory, restaurant supplies, or construction equipment, we can help. Mobile Storage Solutions will save you time, money, and stress in any situation calling for extra space.

Portable Storage

How Mobile Storage Units Can Benefit Your Business

Restoration Companies

Restoration companies require prompt and dependable assistance from their business partners. Mobile Storage Solutions possesses extensive expertise in handling the obstacles that come with restoration projects. They have established efficient systems and procedures to ensure an immediate response to requests for storage containers.

For businesses in need of relocating their possessions during the cleanup phase, portable storage units offer an ideal solution. These temporary storage containers are equipped with climate control and can be securely locked to safeguard their contents. Furthermore, numerous restoration companies employ these versatile containers as functional workspaces when operating within hazardous or unsanitary environments.

In certain circumstances, it becomes necessary to completely evacuate entire buildings in order to initiate the restoration process. This is when portable storage containers prove to be exceptionally valuable. Multiple storage containers can be conveniently placed at any desired site. The availability of additional containers enables the safekeeping of items according to each damaged area.

Construction Companies

Mobile storage units are a practical choice for construction. They are an invaluable assets for managing projects efficiently. These secure storage containers convenient access to essential tools, supplies, and inventory. This eliminates the need for off-site warehouses and reduces transportation costs. Security of your items is ensured at all times.

These units also offer weatherproof protection, keeping valuable resources safe from the elements. Moreover, the versatility of these containers allows for easy customization.

Construction companies can create mobile offices, break rooms, or even temporary housing for workers. With their convenience, security, and flexibility, portable storage containers greatly enhance construction operations.


Many retailers are crammed into small stores with no room for extra inventory. Even large big box and home improvement stores need storage for extra space during peak seasons. If you’re in this position, you know that shipping inventory to an off-site warehouse or storage site is inconvenient. Having staff load, reload, and transport stock is a huge waste of time.

Portable storage is your solution. We can deliver a mobile storage unit to your location. You load it, and we transport it to our climate-controlled facility. When you’re ready for your inventory, all it takes is a phone call.


In many areas of the country landscaping companies use seasonal equipment. For example, during the the spring, summer, and fall, they are mowing, edging, and planting. They may own several different types of mowers along with trimming and pruning equipment and other large items.

During the winter, these companies frequently turn to snow removal for extra income. This means that they are storing plows, snowblowers, and shovels.

Portable storage enables landscapers to keep equipment close to working areas and protected from the elements year round.

Restaurant Owners

Dining areas are created to enhance the guest experience, not as extra storage for dishes, flatware and linens.

To help keep the customer facing area appealing, many restauranteurs have turned to mobile storage. A mobile storage unit can be added behind a kitchen entrace or in a parking lot. Portable storage can be modifed with shelving, extra insulation, and even climate control. Your supplies will not only be organized but protected.

If you decide to offer catering services, you can lease additional mobile storage units. They are perfect for the chairs, tables, and other equipment necessary for your events.

Real Estate Staging

In the current real estate market, it makes sense to do everything possible to prepare your property for potential buyers. Having a spotless, aesthetically pleasing home is not enough anymore. Most real estate agents recommend staging your home to make it look up to date and acceptable to current home buyers.

If you own a home staging business, it can be difficult to find safe space for your extra furniture and decor. Portable storage units provide you with a secure and convenient solution for these items.

You’ll have the flexibility of being able to have your units transported to the seller’s location. You can unload what you need and have it picked up and moved back to our storage facility when the house is sold. You won’t have to worry about costly warehouse space and expensive rental trucks.


Portable storage containers aren’t just for residential use. They are a versatile solution for many industries because they offer convenience, scalability, and flexibility. Mobile Storage Solutions can easily customize a portable storage solution for your business to fit your needs and your budget.

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