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Renting Portable Storage vs. Buying a Container

Thinking about buying a portable storage container?

If you are looking for a container to store your belongings, you might turn to Google to search for a container company. You will be presented with two options: buy a portable storage container or rent a storage container. It might be difficult to choose whether or not you should be purchasing or renting. 

There are many benefits of buying a storage container over renting a container. Once you understand the benefits of purchasing a new container you will realize that it is a much better suit for your storage needs.  

Convenient Size

When you rent a shipping container they usually come in 20 foot and 40 foot containers. Shipping containers will take up a large amount of space and you need to accommodate the large space. However, a mobile storage container can be created to be much smaller and can fit within a parking spot. 

Another benefit to the convenient size of the mobile storage container is that it can be easily moved around with a mule as opposed to a 20 or 40 foot container that will need to be transported using a large semi truck. A mule will be able to move around 360 degrees while a semi truck will need to be backed up into a large unloading zone. 

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Purchasing a new storage container is made-to-order and can be customized as it is being assembled. You will be presented with quite a few customizable options to choose from in order to make the container the perfect fit for you and your needs. 

Affordable Price

Since mobile storage units are much smaller than a larger container and it is easier to relocate, mobile storage containers are much cheaper. If you are searching for a container that is much more affordable than a mobile storage container would be the best choice. 

Ease of Movability 

Since the mobile storage container can be simply lifted and relocated with a mule you can keep your contents inside of the container while it is being transported. It is much easier to keep your belongings safe in a mobile storage container as opposed to on the back of a semi truck. 

Proper Ventilation

Rented containers often don’t have proper ventilation which can lead to improper circulation and can cause moisture to build up within the container. A mobile storage container will have two vents to improve circulation in order to avoid moisture build-up. The containers utilize weatherproof vents to maximize air flow and to help reduce heat and humidity. Not only are the vents a standard addition, but there is also an anti-condensation spray on the ceiling for moisture management. 

Curb Appeal

A new mobile storage container is a lot more aesthetically pleasing than a large overused shipping container. Companies that offer mobile storage containers have a strong emphasis on making sure that their containers are highly appealing so that their customers will trust their belongings in their product. 

If you are planning on having a container outside of your residential or commercial property then choosing a new mobile storage container will look better.

Higher Quality

Since a rented container is typically overly-used and is poorly ventilated you may notice that the inside is not of high quality. It is very common for shipping containers to have molded wood floors and a musty smell. Who would want to put their valuable belongings into a rusted moldy container? 

It is much better to put your contents into a container that doesn’t have mold and rotted flooring. The non-slip, sealed floor is made up of marine grade plywood providing a clean, durable surface on which to store your belongings. Additionally, there are numerous tie-down points inside to help you secure items when transporting.

Contact Mobile Storage Solutions

If you are planning on buying a portable storage container in the Greater Chicago Area then contact Mobile Storage Solutions. One of our sales representatives would be happy to give you a quote for a mobile storage container that would be perfect for you, your needs, and your property. 

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