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Remodeling your Home in Chicago? Rent A Mobile Storage

Whether you’re looking to remodel your dated kitchen or an entire three-story home, you’ll likely need additional storage space while you’re doing your remodel. By renting a mobile storage unit, you can easily navigate the challenges of remodeling your Chicago-area home without having to worry about where to put your household goods.

Below, we’ve covered the ins and outs of renting a mobile storage unit to help with your Chicago home remodel. Allow Mobile Storage Solutions to be your chosen partner in conquering this exciting homeowner adventure.

What Does Remodeling Entail?

If you’ve got a potential home remodel coming up on the horizon, the ever-expanding checklist of items you have to complete for your remodel may have you feeling overwhelmed. Which is entirely understandable. Unlike with a renovation, a home remodel typically involves changing the structure and general feel of your current home. Walls are going to get knocked down and dated wallpaper will be uncovered. Most typically, people tend to remodel kitchens and bathrooms, but the world is your oyster when planning your home’s remodel.

So, what all does remodeling entail? And how will you know that you’re on the right track to victoriously tearing down old walls and building new ones? Here are the basic steps most homeowners will follow:

  1. Make a plan and determine your budget.
  2. Hire a contractor or implement an organized plan for your DIY remodel.
  3. Talk to your home insurance and make sure you’re still covered after the remodel.
  4. Secure permits and order materials. This is typically where the most delays happen.
  5. Move your household goods out of the way to prepare for demolition. 
  6. Start demolition and uncover what’s hidden behind layers of paint on aged drywall.
  7. Do the planned remodeling: paint, install flooring, build out shelving, etc.
  8. Retrieve your household goods once you’ve finished your remodel and figure out where you’re going to put everything. 
  9. Sit back, crack open a cold one, and admire your work.

Sounds simple enough, right? Well, the average home remodel takes anywhere from 4-6 months to complete, with more recent remodels taking even longer due to worldwide labor and material shortages. 

However, while your Chicago home remodel is going to be complex to say the least, one way you can simplify the entire process is by renting a mobile storage unit to store your household goods while your remodel is underway. 

Why Rent a Mobile Storage Unit for Your Remodel in Chicago, IL? 

In short, by renting a mobile storage unit to house your items while you remodel your Chicago home, you’re ensuring that no harm befalls your valuables while you work. Remodels are dirty, dusty, and often reveal additional problems with the structure of your home once underway. You’re going to be busy worrying about materials, countertop finishes, and shelving height. Why worry about whether your couch is soaking up a ton of dust and dirt during the job?

Mobile storage units allow you to get your valuables out of the work zone without renting moving trucks or hiring moving crews. They’re designed to conveniently fit in your driveway; you never lost sight of your items. You can keep everything within arms’ reach while ensuring they’re protected from the work zone inside your home. 

Allow Mobile Storage Solutions in Chicago, IL To Help with Your Remodel

At Mobile Storage Solutions, we’ve functioned as Chicago’s largest independently owned and operated mobile storage business for over 25 years. Measuring 8 feet wide, 8 feet high, and 16 feet long, our standard 16ft container provides 900 cubic feet of capacity. The container is capable of holding 10,000 pounds, ensuring you will most likely fill up the space before you come close to exceeding the weight limit. Additionally, the footprint of our 16ft container conveniently fits within a single parking space, making ground level loading a breeze and without interfering with your normal day-to-day activities when stored onsite.

In addition to offering plenty of space in a sleek, convenient container, our mobile storage containers have the following:

  • A weatherproof design. No matter the season or weather pattern, you can trust your valuables will be safe. 
  • Non-slip, sealed flooring. Forget about slippery surfaces and treacherous stepladders. The non-slip, sealed floor is made up of a marine-grade plywood. It provides a clean, durable surface on which to store your belongings.
  • Lockable door handles. We’ve designed our portable storage containers to keep your household goods secure so that you can continue on your home remodel without worrying about your valuables. 
  • Load-bearing roofing. The roof of our portable storage containers is rated for 60lbs/sq ft for snow load and can withstand up to 120 mph winds. 
  • Waterproof door seals. Our containers are fitted with waterproof gasketing along the top and bottom seams so that it remains water, wind, dust, and pest proofed. 
  • Weatherproof vents included in the design. Even in the hot, humid summers and bitterly cold winters, your items will be safe from condensation forming inside the container. 
  • Interior tie-downs. We’ve fitted our containers with tracks and rings to give you numerous options for tying down and configuring your valuables. 

Give Us a Call Today! 

At Mobile Storage Solutions, we love to help our customers accomplish their goals in and around the greater Chicago metropolitan area. Whether that be storing household goods during a home remodel or providing professional worksites with the storage they need for their high-value equipment, we’ve gladly served our communities for over 25 years. 

For additional information on the services we offer, you can visit our page dedicated to the topic. We provide moving help for both businesses and residences. And with transparent pricing and no hidden fees, you know exactly what to expect from us after making first contact. 

For a free quote, you can visit our contact page.


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