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Keep Your Snow Removal Equipment Safe and Accessible

During the winter, snow can be a massive problem for businesses and homeowners alike. When the snow starts falling, parking lots and steep driveways can become slippery and impassable. Clearing these large areas can be difficult as well as dangerous for the average person. For this reason, the best way to get the job done is with professional snow removal services.

Commercial snow removal companies have the proper equipment to make short work of snow and ice. They have the necessary tools and know-how to clear property quickly and efficiently. Business owners as well as homeowners save time and effort by hiring professional snow removal companies.

When the weather clears, and there is a temporary break from frigid weather, snow removal professionals don’t always have a secure place to store their equipment.

Storing these items outside for several months can lead to damage and deterioration. Keeping your snow plow equipment in a portable storage unit leads to fewer problems and minimal repair costs.

Mobile Storage Solutions is the perfect solution to keep snow removal equipment safe and accessible.

Snow Removal Equipment and how to store it

Problems With Storing Snow Removal Equipment Outside

The plow’s electrical connections are likely to become damaged. This is typically caused by infiltration from moisture, pollen, and dust. Another problem is that the pins that mount the plow to the truck can become too tight to use. This is caused by expansion and contraction due to temperature changes. Finally, rust pits can form on the plow cylinders, decreasing resale value.

Salt Spreaders
Just as with plows, the electrical connections on the salt spreader can be destroyed by moisture, pollen, and dust. As a result, the chains, gears, and drive shafts get rusty, creating problems spreading salt.

Bags of Salt and Calcium
Even though some bags claim to be watertight, they may not be. If left outside for the long term, your salt and calcium will be ruined. If a large number of bags are destroyed, the loss can become costly.

The cost of portable storage for a few months is far less than the cost of repairing or replacing expensive equipment.

Benefits of Portable Storage Containers for Snow Removal Professionals

Flexibility and Versatility
Portable storage containers offer a flexible and cost-effective solution for storing snow plow equipment. These containers are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Using mobile storage containers frees up garage or warehouse space. With easy access to equipment, it’s easy to quickly prepare for the next snow season. There’s no hassle when you’re searching for misplaced tools and gear.

Furthermore, portable storage units are convenient and versatile. If you need to relocate your equipment to a different area of your property or transport it to our climate-controlled facility, we’ve got you covered.

The entire container can be easily moved without the need to unpack and repack your equipment. This flexibility ensures that your snow removal equipment remains accessible and protected, no matter where your business takes you.

Additionally, these containers are customizable. Shelves and hooks can be added to the unit to keep snow plow equipment organized and accessible.

Reliability and Security
Last-minute requests are not a problem for us. We can relocate a storage unit quickly and efficiently, frequently on the same day or the next day. Mobile Storage Solutions can ensure that you’ll be able to meet your snow removal obligations in a timely manner.

When it comes to storing valuable snow plow equipment, security is paramount. Mobile Storage Solutions offer a high level of security. Your equipment is protected from theft, vandalism, and extreme weather conditions. Sturdy locks and durable construction provide peace of mind knowing that your equipment is safe and well-protected when you’re not using it.

Easy Transitions
As the snow season comes to an end, it’s essential to have a seamless transition plan for storing your snow plow equipment.

Portable storage containers offer the perfect solution for this transition. You don’t have to worry about leaving your equipment exposed to the elements, you can simply move everything back into your portable storage container. This transition is smooth, efficient, and hassle-free.


Storing snow removal equipment in portable storage is a simple, flexible, and budget-friendly option. The portable storage unit is delivered to your business and can be stored onsite or offsite.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your costly equipment is secure whether you keep it on your property or have it transported to our secure climate-controlled self storage warehouse. Either way, you’ll have easy access when you need your equipment for the next snowstorm.

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