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Why Restoration Companies in Chicago Should Use Mobile Storage Solutions

Restoration Companies

If you own a restoration company in Chicago or any surrounding suburb such as Downers Grove, you could benefit from mobile storage to temporarily store your clients’ items after a disaster.

Storm damage can be devastating to a home or business. Restoration companies come in after the fact to provide cleanups, repairs, restorations, and more. They typically handle damage due to water, fire, smoke and wind. Some restoration companies also restore old photographs, antiques, artwork and data that has been lost through a natural disaster.

During the process of restoration, such companies may need to utilize on-site storage to place items in while they clean out a home or business.

Restoration companies have traditionally relied on storage units off site, but now more and more of them are using portable storage containers for their pack-outs. Here are some reasons why restoration companies in Chicago could benefit from mobile storage.

Peace of Mind

Because emotions tend to run very high in disaster situations, many displaced home owners can understandably get upset if their belongings are taken off site. This makes portable containers an ideal way to lessen tension in a stressful situation. So on the client side, mobile storage units certainly provide peace of mind. They also make the job of restoration companies much easier.


Restoration companies are busy enough during a standard restoration project – let alone having to handle the time consuming and costly task of transporting customers’ belongings to and from storage. On-site container delivery takes place very quickly after a need has been established, allowing the restoration team to start packing out immediately.

Once a job has been completed, the restoration company can fill up the container with their equipment and supplies for easy transport to the next job site.

Time and Money Savings

Driving and delivery of the units are included part of the service, which means customers save on transportation time as well as extra costs like gas. In the case of traditional storage units, customers must part with their stuff for long periods of time, which can add stress to their lives. With portable storage solutions, the customer can choose whether they want their belongings stored on their property or at a secure storage site.

Most customers prefer to keep their belongings in their own driveway or yard for convenience and peace of mind. On-site storage is especially convenient for commercial customers because they can easily continue their normal business operations during the restoration process. With inventory so close at hand, business owners have everything they need at their fingertips.

Protection From the Elements

Steel-frame containers feature weather-resistant, high-tech polymer walls and panels that provide extra security and protection from the elements. This is important for units that are stored outdoors. Steer clear of containers made of plywood, which is a flimsy material, or all-steel units made of lightweight metal sheeting that can easily buckle under pressure.

When choosing a mobile storage container company, always ask about the material of their units. You may pay more for high quality materials but the objects placed inside will be protected from wind, rain, snow and pests.

Easy Loading/Unloading

With trucks and vans, ramps and other equipment such as dollies must be used in order to load and unload items. But with portable containers sitting at ground level, the loading and unloading process is much easier. It’s also easier to go through this process multiple times, such as when restoring different sections of a property.


Whether the project involves restoration of a single room or the whole house, portable storage units offer a scalable solution for restoration companies. You can place as many units as needed on the property to address any level of restoration complexity. From small studio apartments to sprawling mansions, storage space is never an issue, and the client doesn’t have to pay for units they don’t need.


One big issue with keeping storage units on site is security. But with the right company, this isn’t a problem at all because the units are secure against theft or tampering. Especially in the case of valuable items, artwork and antiques, this gives clients peace of mind knowing the units are secure right on their own property.

Each unit is used solely for the customer in question, so no belongings are being mixed with others’.

In the event a home becomes uninhabitable as the result of a natural disaster, portable storage units can combine moving and storage in one. Once the personal belongings are loaded into the unit, they can be transported and delivered to the new home seamlessly.

Supplies Storage

Companies and contractors can use portable units for storage of their restoration and remediation supplies as they perform work on a house. They can use these units for convenient storage of their tools and equipment so that they’re immediately accessible when needed.

Having an on-site operations base during the process of restoration, cleaning or mold remediation can better control costs because your crew doesn’t have to drive back and forth to a central warehouse to get necessary supplies.

No matter what your reason for needing storage units as a restoration company, it’s wise to partner with a mobile storage provider for seamless delivery. Staying competitive in a market like ours is vital when customer convenience is so important.

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