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Mobile Storage Solutions offers several services here in the Chicago area. For customers in Vernon Hills, Mobile Storage Solutions has the answer to both your commercial and residential storage needs.

Business Solutions

If you own your own business, you’re definitely aware of the challenge that storage brings. If you have to store extra equipment or inventory in your office, you can lose a lot of efficiency to that lack of space. If you’re lucky enough to have a warehouse, this can provide some relief– but that can mean long trips to and from that facility. Warehouses also require security, which can be an extra burden.

However, portable on-site storage offers numerous benefits. It can clear up that extra space inside your facility, so your workflow improves, and your employees have more room to maneuver. Portable storage units are significantly cheaper than a warehouse; our prices are extremely competitive.

Portable storage is also secure; if you keep it on-site, you can keep an eye on it yourself. If you have us store it off-site, you can rest assured that our warehouses are monitored and secured without you having to worry about paying for it yourself. This is especially important if what you need is private, secure document storage. Make things easier by storing your documents in one of our mobile storage units. This keeps them easy to access and lets you prioritize work in your office instead of storage.

About Our Units

We have to admit– we’re proud of our awesome portable storage units. They’re rock solid and built to last, ready to handle any weather that the Chicago area can throw at them. They’re roomy and easy to load, offering 20% more floor space than a typical 10 x 10 storage unit in a self-storage facility. And unlike that facility’s storage units, you load our units directly! You don’t have to load your stuff into your car or a truck, drive it across town, and then unload it– instead, you get to load one container from the safety and convenience of your driveway.

Most shipping containers take up a huge amount of space and are awkward to move. But our units have an integrated delivery system and are built to protect their contents and maximize interior space while minimizing the footprint. Our containers take up about the same amount of space as a standard parking space– you can easily store them in your driveway!


No matter what you need to store, our mobile storage units can handle it. Household items and furniture? Sure. Business inventory? Absolutely. Equipment? Why not! And whether you need it for a month, two months, or a year– you can keep the unit for as long as you need. We’ll work with you on scheduling pickups and dropoffs. We want to solve your storage problems– not make them worse!


It might seem silly to point out that our mobile storage units are in fact, mobile, but bear with us for a second. Traffic in Chicagoland can be extremely bad. Who wants to spend all day in traffic going from your storage unit to your home or business when you can just have the unit on-site instead?

Or, let’s say that you’re moving. Instead of hauling all of your stuff up into a truck and then back down, just load the unit at ground level and call us. We’ll pick it up and deliver it to your new home!

Conveniently Sized

If you know that you’ll need frequent access to your items, you can simply store the container in your driveway or your business’s parking lot. The footprint is only about the size of a standard parking space, much smaller than most shipping containers. And thanks to the way our containers are built, you get more storage space than a similarly-sized storage facility storage unit.

If you need to store items for your business or home in Vernon Hills, get a free quote from Mobile Storage Solutions by calling us or filling out our contact form. We’d love to hear from you!

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