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If you’re a resident of Lake Zurich in the greater Chicago area and you need a place to store your belongings, look no further than Mobile Storage Solutions! Mobile Storage Solutions offers the best portable storage units in the business, and families and businesses alike are increasingly turning to our services for their storage needs. Our mobile storage units offer greater ease and convenience than a standard storage unit and are mobile, making them easy to use and even move with.

Mobile Storage Solutions’ Services

People and businesses throughout Chicagoland know that only Mobile Storage Solutions offers  the most convenient mobile storage services at the best prices. For Lake Zurich customers, Mobile Storage Solutions has the answer to both your residential and business storage needs.

Moving Solutions

If you’re moving to our service area, there is no easier way to transport your belongings. Even the lowest-ride moving van requires a significant amount of lifting and ramp use. But if you move with us, you get to load the unit entirely at ground level. This can help prevent moving day injuries.

Then, instead of driving a large truck yourself, all you have to do is call us. We’ll pick up the unit and deliver it to your new home! You can unpack at your own pace; just call us when you’re done, and we’ll take care of removing the unit. Moving is stressful, but our services can help make it easier.

Residential Solutions

If you are a homeowner in Lake Zurich, mobile storage is the ideal solution for at-home or off-site storage. Our low monthly price means that we’re budget-friendly, and our storage units are the perfect solution for spring cleaning, renovating, and any other storage needs you may have. With just four simple steps, you can have your storage needs taken care of.

1. Give us a call

Sign up with us, and we’ll deliver the storage unit to your home whenever you need it.

2. Load the unit

Once we set you up with a unit, you can load it on your own. Use the roomy interior space how you would like, and enjoy the easy and safe ground-level entry.

3. Transportation when you need

The unit either stays with you or at our secure warehouse, depending on what you want. Just call us to schedule a unit drop-off when you need it again if you choose the warehouse option.

4. We’ll pick it up

When you’ve unloaded the unit, call us, and we’ll pick the unit back up and take it away.

Business Solutions

Business owners know all about storage challenges. Storing extra equipment or inventory takes up valuable office space, and moving things between a warehouse or storage unit and your workplace can quickly get overwhelming. If you have multiple worksites, it can be even less efficient to use this kind of storage.

Our Units

Our portable storage units are simply the best in the business. They’re rock solid and built to last, ready to handle any weather that the Chicago winter can throw at them. Their clever design is roomy and easy to load, and their build offers 20% more floor space than a typical 10 x 10 storage unit in a self-storage facility.

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