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How to Store Wooden Items

Whether you’re moving, clearing out an estate or downsizing, you may find yourself in need of on-site storage to store wooden items like tables, chairs, end tables, coffee tables, knick-knacks and heirlooms. They may hold monetary value or they may hold sentimental value, but either way, wooden items can be vulnerable to damage if you don’t store them correctly. Here are some tips on how to store wooden items safely.

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Clean the Wooden Items Beforehand

This is an important first step. Any grime, dirt, or stains remaining on your wooden items prior to putting them in storage will only serve to build up and damage the piece in time. Prepare your wooden items such as furniture pieces for storage by using a damp cloth to wipe off the surface dirt. You can also use a wood cleaner.

Then, follow up with a treatment of furniture polish to hydrate the wood and restore its previous sheen. This will also help prevent cracking while in storage. Do this a few days ahead of storage so the items can dry sufficiently.

Take the Furniture Apart If You Can

Large items such as couches and dining room tables should be assembled prior to storage if possible. This will make these items much easier to transport as well as fit into the storage space. In addition, this action will protect your wooden items by lowering the chance that they will get damaged, bumped, scratched or nicked during the moving process.

Plus, you can take the time to carefully wrap and cushion the delicate parts. Place all small items such as hardware and screws in a baggie and tape it to the main piece of furniture.

Keep All Items Covered

Once in storage, cover your wooden items with sheets, moving blankets, or other thin fabric wraps. This will keep dust, cobwebs and other debris from falling directly on your items. Don’t use plastic, though, as it can trap moisture, damaging the wood underneath.

It’s best to use a breathable material that guards against dust and won’t create a moist environment. You don’t want to invite moisture into the equation, as it leads to warping, swelling, or mold growth. Secure the blankets or sheets around the legs of the furniture with rubber bands, moving tape or zip ties.

Take Time to Choose a Good Storage Unit

As you know, wood is easily damaged by pests, moisture, and extreme temperatures. The on-site or off-site storage you choose should be able to guard effectively against all these elements. Many facilities boast pest control and climate control, while mobile storage units offer airtight and waterproof portable options as part of their packages.

Stack Wooden Items Wisely

When moving items into the storage unit, be sure to effectively utilize the space you have so you can fit more and guard against potential damage. Place heavier items on the bottom, and lighter items on top. But be careful when stacking. Use blankets to cushion each piece and stack in such a way as to make sure the pieces nest against each other.

Keep stability in mind and make sure you don’t stack things too tall. You don’t want anything to topple over while in storage. Falls can lead to dents, gouges and scratches, and maybe worse.

Lift Things Off the Ground

Store your furniture off the ground, just in case something spills in the storage unit. Liquid can seep into the wooden furniture and lead to a lot of damage. One suggestion us to use wooden pallets underneath all items. Even a tarp on the floor would work.

Keep Your Items Safe

Whether you plan to store wooden tables, chairs, bed frames, couches or knick-knacks, be diligent in researching on-site and off-site storage units that will keep your items as safe as possible. Not all storage companies are created equal.

Wood is fragile and must be protected against moisture and pests at all costs. Look to portable storage containers that are airtight and waterproof for peace of mind during storage of your wooden items.

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