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How Businesses Benefit From On-Site Storage


This is where on-site storage can help. Here are the top ways in which businesses can benefits of on-site storage. Contact Mobile Storage Solutions to learn about our storage containers.

Your business space is only so big, and there’s a limit as to how much stuff you can fit in it. Many business owners find themselves in need of extra storage space to house extra equipment, files, furniture and more. With the rising cost of office space and more and more people working from home, sometimes it just doesn’t make sense to buy or lease additional office space.

This is where on-site storage can help. Here are the top ways in which businesses can benefit from on-site storage.

On-Site Storage is Versatile

It’s easier to store your things on-site than off-site. It’s more convenient to grab what you need quickly rather than drive to a storage facility miles away and haul back what you need. You can even utilize climate-controlled storage with on-site containers that allow you to conveniently and safely store extra supplies, files, office equipment, and goods.

On-Site Units Are Affordable

They don’t cost you as much as you think. In fact, on-site storage containers are oftentimes less costly than off-site storage when you consider monthly fees, and the time you waste driving back and forth to the off-site location. And it’s much cheaper to pay for on-site storage than to add onto your existing building with construction from the ground up, or to move your entire office to a larger location.

On-Site Storage is Convenient and Efficient

As we said before, you can easily grab what you need with storage that is right on-site. If you’re the owner or manager of a retail store, for instance, you can store customer items in the container to keep them out of the way and ensure they stay organized. Why create clutter inside your store when you can put extra items in storage?

When customers get to the store to collect their items, they can easily unlock the container and access their items.

On-Site Storage Containers Are Weather-Resistant

Because they can resist all kinds of weather, from rain to wind, your expensive, sensitive and expensive items will stay safe from Mother Nature.

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On-Site Storage Containers Are Safe and Secure

As a business owner, you need peace of mind knowing your products are safe and secure no matter what time of the day or night. On-site storage containers come with a variety of locks and security add-ons to limit access to only the people who should be opening it.

On-Site Storage Support Company Growth

Start-ups don’t usually have the extra funds to operate a large office. Leases and off-site storage units can be very cost prohibitive. You can save cash by using an on-site storage container for overflow and put that saved money right back into your business. At the same time, you don’t want a lack of space to hinder the ability to grow your business. Get the best of both worlds by investing in low-cost on-site storage.

On-Site Storage Helps Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents in particular can use on-site storage for:

Signage and Marketing Materials

These materials include anything from signs and banners to brochures and binders of market listings. Real estate agents may use several signs for one listing, with signs identifying them as the agent in front of the home itself, as well as signs posted on main streets leading to the home. Those “For Sale,” “For Rent,” and “Open House” signs are large and need a lot of space to store safely without getting damaged.

They also use marketing materials such as flyers, brochures, and catalogs that would quickly clutter up a small office.

Important Documents

Real estate agents, by law, must keep files about clients and listings on hand for multiple years, depending on the state. These files need to be stored in a safe space until the statute of limitations lifts. With hundreds of documents involved in just one listing, this can really add up!

Staging Accessories

Much more goes into the staging process than simply the proper placement of furniture. A well-staged home has thoughtfully-placed flower arrangements, fluffy blankets folded over the back of a chair, dining table with placemats and dishes, as well as artwork on the walls. A storage container can be used to store your desired selection of accessories so they will be on site when you need them. And as the storage container is located right on the property, simply load it back up when you are done.

On-Site Storage is Low Risk

On-site storage brings little to no risk so you don’t have to take a big chance on high-cost investments that may fail. Start off small with on-site storage, which can be as temporary or as permanent as you need at any given time.

On-Site Storage is Quick and Easy

When partnering with a reputable on-site storage supplier, you can rest assured that your container will be delivered within just a day or two – sometimes just a few hours. This means you can hit the ground running and start storing items as soon as you need to.

Managing a business takes a lot of patience, dedication and responsibility. Whether you own a retail store, warehouse club, boutique or café, you can benefit greatly from on-site storage containers. Use them for overflow, seasonal decorations, excess merchandise, signage, and equipment storage.

Even landscaping companies can use on-site storage to place their off-season lawn care equipment. Other businesses that can benefit from on-site storage include clinics, doctor’s offices, hotels, parts suppliers, computer repair shops, outdoor sports complexes, auto repair centers, labs, schools and churches.

Plus, they’re especially appealing to short term needs by those who operate carnivals and festivals where the need is temporary.

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