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Are you about to start a remodel in Chicago, IL, and looking for storage solutions to keep your valuables safe during your project? Below, we’ve covered the ins and outs of renting a mobile storage unit to help with your Chicago home remodel. Allow Mobile Storage Solutions to be your chosen partner in conquering this exciting homeowner or business-owner adventure.

home remodeling services with mobile storage solutions

In short, by renting a mobile storage unit to house your items while you remodel your Chicago home or commercial space, you’re ensuring that no harm befalls your valuables while you work. Remodels are dirty, dusty, and often reveal additional problems with the structure of your home once underway. You’re going to be busy worrying about materials, countertop finishes, and shelving height. Why worry about whether your couch is soaking up a ton of dust and dirt during the job?

Mobile Storage Solutions

At Mobile Storage Solutions, we’ve functioned as Chicago’s largest independently owned and operated mobile storage business for over 25 years. Our fail-proof storage containers have served as beloved storage solutions within our service areas for years.

Don’t see your Illinois location within our service areas? Give us a call and we can figure out if we can get one of our mobile storage containers to the location of your remodel. 

Mobile Storage Container for Chicago, IL Home Remodel

As Chicago’s largest independently owned and operated mobile storage business for over 25 years, we’ve learned a thing or two about what it takes to make a mobile storage container excel above all the rest. 

We don’t think home remodels have to happen at one point in any given year, so our mobile storage containers are outfitted for any season. They’re made to weather even the most unpredictable Illinois weather. So, no matter the season or weather pattern, you can trust your valuables will be safe. 

Non-Slip, Sealed Flooring 

Forget about slippery surfaces and treacherous stepladders. We make sure that you remain just as safe as your belongings during your home remodel. The non-slip, sealed floor is made up of a marine-grade plywood. It provides a clean, durable surface on which to store your belongings.

Lockable Door Handles

We’ve designed our portable storage containers to keep your household goods secure so that you can continue with your home remodel without worrying about your valuables. The lockable door handles are an included safety feature that guarantees only you and your home remodel team can gain access to your home goods.

Load-Bearing Roofing

Our mobile storage solutions are secured from every angle, even the rooftop. The roof of our portable storage containers is rated for 60lbs/sq ft for snow load and can withstand up to 120 mph winds. 

Waterproof Door Seals

Our containers are fitted with waterproof gasketing along the top and bottom seams so that it remains water, wind, dust, and pest proofed. Nothing can get in unless you want it to. So, your valuables will be entirely safe from all the elements. 

Weatherproof Vents

Included in the design are weatherproof vents that prevent the interior of our portable storage containers from getting too hot or too cold. Even in the hot, humid summers and bitterly cold winters, your items will be safe from condensation forming inside the container. 

Interior Tie-Downs

We’ve fitted our containers with tracks and rings to give you numerous options for tying down and configuring your valuables. The options are endless and can be easily reconfigured to better suit your needs are your remodel progresses.

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