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If you live in Arlington Heights and are looking for a place to store your stuff, look no further than Mobile Storage Solutions. Mobile storage units have become increasingly popular, and for many a good reason; they have all the ease and convenience of a standard storage unit but are mobile, making them easy to move around and even move with.

Mobile Storage Solutions’ Services

At Mobile Storage Solutions, we offer a variety of services that our customers in the Chicagoland area have come to depend upon. Mobile Storage Solutions offers both residential and business storage solutions. For customers in Arlington Heights and the greater Chicago area, read on to learn more about Mobile Storage Solutions.

Weather Resistant

The howling winds and deep snows of a Chicagoland winter mean that making the trek out of a storage facility, working the metal door (and potentially the frozen lock), and standing in the frosty, unheated air can be pretty miserable. But what if the storage facility was in your driveway or inside your business’s loading dock?

Mobile storage units are highly resistant to extreme temperatures, winds, and precipitation. In particular, they perform well in extreme cold weather conditions. The insulating nature of steel prevents condensation from forming and keeps the temperature inside stable, which helps protect your stored items.

If you need to store items for your home or business in Arlington Heights, mobile storage might be just what you need! Get a free quote from Mobile Storage Solutions by calling us or filling out our contact form. We’d love to hear from you!

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